Putting means in development of manufacture, you analyze potential of new powers, their reliability. It is important that the technique should easily be maintained and failure-free.

     It is important that the personnel should know how to handle with it, skillfully to use all its capabilities. It is important that the acquired equipment should not only be a new working unit but a full participant of technological string.

     Based on the experience of the work with hundreds enterprises, we know all your tasks and do not seek after a momentary profit. Our philosophy consists of complex solutions of the set tasks. We do not only sell a new assembly to you. We integrate a full unit into your technical string.

     We appreciate your desire for development and help you to move forward.

     We invest into ideas and create new technologies.



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Current offer
Line of spread LR.4 is intended for filling up and corking in an automatic regime of polyethylene fuel cans V = 1-10 л. chemical and technical, quiet and especially foaming liquids.
It is designed for packing the paints of PF, MA and NTs type into tin cans #5, #9, #10 according to GOST 6128-81 and gallon cans.
Semiautomatic device PRK.02B(М)-00.00.2010.0R is designed to pack water dispersive paints, primers and other water-diluted products into buckets and bottles. The semiautomatic device is equipped with changeable units of movable nozzle and unit of squeezing. It allows packing the products with the increased degree of foam formation into canisters, polyethylene buckets and cans.
  Line   LR.2M  
It is designed for packing foaming low viscosity products (dissolvent, pastes, water solutions, etc.) into glass and PET bottles, and other tare with the volume of up to 1 l.
The device is designed for putting the details (date, number of lot) to the self-adhesive labels, delivery of labels to the special table, which allows quickly and accurately to put labels to different tare (buckets, bottles, canisters, etc. as well as to different items and packages).
On production, packing and dosing of very viscous products (crack fillers, mastics, sealant, pigment pastes, etc)
  The machine for a label of labels UNE.0010 series  
Применение: химическая промышленность, лакокрасочная промышленность, пищевая промышленность, очистка и подготовка воды, автомобильная промышленность, фармацевтика, косметика. 
Применение: химическая промышленность, лакокрасочная промышленность.Полуавтомат  предназначается для расфасовки продуктов малой, средней вязкости (водно-дисперсионных красок и др.) и особовязких (герметики, шпатлёвок и т.п.) в полиэтиленовую тару (ведро).  
  Система фильтрации жидкости (filtr)  
  Разработана, изготовлена и успешно эксплуатируется, в составе нового полуавтомата ПРК.50Б-00.02.5010.ФО, система пошагового перемещения тары. Разработана, изготовлена и успешно эксплуатируется, новая модификация УНЭ.03, для наклеивание самоклеящейся этикетки, в круговую на цилиндрическую тару.
  Cистема пошагового перемещения тары the new modification UNE.03


    НПФ "Ирком-ЭКТ" Oборудование для фасовки
    НПФ "Ирком-ЭКТ" Системы фильтрации жидкостей
    Широкая гамма оборудования

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